2019 SBC Annual Meeting – California Southern Baptist Convention

News – 2019 SBC Annual Meeting

Executive Director Bill Agee will roll out his Challenge to churches to increase in several areas by 20% in 2020

Today, FoNAC provides a growing influence across North America in networking Natives and those wanting to spread the Gospel with and among Natives.

“We need the people in our fellowship to connect with others in the Southern Baptist Convention, and we need the Southern Baptist Convention to know that we are here to do Jewish evangelism and to help them do Jewish evangelism because we know how.”

“We’re here for one reason: to worship Jesus Christ,” Sammy Tippit told the Sunday morning congregation. Tippit is president of the Southern Baptist Evangelists, the new name for what has been known as the Conference of Southern Baptist Evangelists, or COSBE.

Messengers to the 2019 Southern Baptist Convention advocated for the vulnerable against abortion, sexual abuse and religious persecution in approving 13 resolutions Wednesday (June 12)

The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission has been, and will be, helping Southern Baptists address the sexual abuse crisis in churches

“Victims have told us, words without follow-up actions are worse than no words at all,”

Unity was at the forefront of the first national Southern Baptist Hispanic Leaders and Pastors’ Celebration on Monday night (June 10).

“I am Southern Baptist because I have an unshakable, undeniable, unequivocal sense of being called to be Southern Baptist by the Lord Jesus Christ,”

Frank Luter, Jr. pastor in New Orleans and moderator of panel noted that the three goals of the panel were to “encourage you in your field of ministry, challenge you to do more in the area of racial reconciliation, and to inspire all of us to strive to make our churches, ministries and our communities on earth what heaven is going to be like.”