Small Church Initiative

The Small Church Initiative Team is specifically designed to develop and deliver resources to help our small churches continue to impact their members and their neighborhoods as the church fulfills the Great Commission.

Written by Ken Sartain The top ten resolutions for most people: 1. Lose Weight2. Get organized3. Spend less and SAVE more4. Enjoy life to the fullest5. Stay fit and healthy6. Learn something exciting7. Quit Smoking/ Take care of your lungs8. Help others in their dreams9. Fall in love10. Spend more time with family According to…

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January 22, 2021

Watch Ralph Neighbour, our Church Revitalization Initiative team leader, as he interviews three amazing church leaders about engaging new people online. Andy Springer of Heartwood Church, Bogdan Kipko of Forward Church, and Marla Neighbour of Humanity Church provide helpful and practical ideas to reach people in our post COVID-19 world. This interview is a part…

Every year, churches need to approve housing allowances for eligible ministers as well as accountable reimbursement plans for their pastors and other employees. Many churches are still doing things incorrectly by giving their pastors undocumented auto allowances and improper reimbursements for personal health insurance. Income tax-free reimbursements for individual health insurance premiums were prohibited beginning…

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January 7, 2021

Core Initiatives


The Small Church Initiative is led by those who have been, or are, Small Church Pastors and wives. Knowing the struggles, challenges, and rewards of Small Church ministry allows us to immediately get to the core values and issues you face daily, as a Small Church Leader. To encourage you in your journey with Christ, as you shepherd those in your life.


We strive to provide the most specific and relevant content for you to utilize in your context and culture. The resources provided are all vetted through a process of appropriate content, specific to the Small Church, doctrinally sound and Biblically based. The content ranges from the practical, (How-To’s) to the intangibles, (Small Church metrics, Spiritual assessments, etc.).

Small Church Leadership Profile

The Small Church Initiative has developed the Small Church Leadership Profile (SCLP). This profile is a matrix of characteristics and attributes of leadership in the Small Church. The profile is a three-dimensional representation of the skills Small Church Pastors, wives and leaders require to adequately address the unique qualities of the smaller church environment.

Dynamic Spiritual Life Matrix

The Dynamic Spiritual Life Matrix (DSLM) is a visual representation of the “flow” of being Spiritually transformed. From prior knowing Jesus, salvation, and then sanctification, the DSLM simply assists the individual in being a disciple of Jesus, and also benefits the discipler in facilitating the journey.

The DSLM is Biblically based, placing value on both the theological and the practical. It is neither time restricted nor programmatic in its structure. It is simple in its concept and theory, but complex and intricate in its application.

Small Church Leadership Academy

The Small Church Leadership Academy is formed to study the primary characteristics and attributes of both the Small Church Leader, and the Small Church environment, which is directly associated with the formation and maturing of the leader.

This academy is designed to assist with profiles of courage and innovation in the field of Small Church Pastoring. These profiles are built upon real-world case studies, data collected from both survey and observed behavior and skills.

Training Triangle

To ensure that the DSLM is clearly understood in application, we have developed the Training Triangle. This easy to follow guide allows anyone to keep track of their Spiritual Growth and how they, in turn, can disciple others.