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Seven Questions with Will Browning

Will Browning
Send City Missionary for Los Angeles and Send Director for the State of California
If you have been following the ministry of the convention, you have undoubtedly seen Will Browning in the mix. (If you ever get the chance, though, be sure to ask him about his “real name”). Will serves as the Send City Missionary for Los Angeles, and more recently has added the high call to lead out as the Send Director for the state of California. Though he was born and raised in the south, Will has a passion and calling, to help churches reach the lost in California. He is an avid reader, generous in Spirit, always willing to share what he has with those around him. Will and his wife, Tarah, are coming up on 25 years of marriage and together they have 3 children.

1. What biblical character (other than Jesus) would you want to meet, and why?

Job – My sons initials are J.O.B… intentionally – There is no one in biblical history, outside of Christ, who suffered more. Everything he owned was destroyed, he had a difficult wife, and friends who betrayed him, yet he persevered. He had big questions for God and that’s a good thing. We should ask God big questions. He has great answers for us. In the end, Job comes out more righteous and willing to ask God the big questions, trusting for great answers.

2. How do you like your Bacon? Crispy or floppy?

I don’t know if people will like my answer, but I prefer it to be a little bit limp.

3. Tell us your best, ministry horror story?

I have so many – I had a lady come up to me on a Sunday during the Lord's Supper. She asked if her dog could take the Lord's Supper, and I had to ~in the moment~ figure out what I was going to say to her, so, Holding back my natural response, (I noticed she was very serious in her question), I replied, “Well, the Bible teaches that anyone who doesn’t make a public profession of faith in Christ eats condemnation on themselves when they take the Lord’s Supper. I don’t want condemnation for your little pal here!” She agreed, “No, that’s the opposite of what I want!” Relieved, I said, “Well, then we agree it’s best for him to not take the Lord’s Supper, right?” She thanked me … and I thanked God!

4. What is your favorite bible verse or what is a bible verse you are currently meditating over?

Again, I have to go to Job. Job 38:1-3 starts out with “Then the Lord spoke to Job out of the storm…” Right? He says, “Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundation?” I love it because it’s a reminder that I’m not in control …and I’m a controller. I can be a control freak. I am reminded that ‘all of this’ doesn’t need me. It’s good for my soul.

5. What has been an evangelistic tactic that has worked best for you?

I’ve always found the bridge diagram to be easiest for me. I like to do the drawing and I like how Romans 6 works with it. But the best way is to share my testimony. I came to faith late in life so it’s a clear story. Testimonies are the hardest thing for people to argue against because it’s my story. If someone is really open, I will use the bridge. If not, then I go with my testimony.

6. What is one piece of advice you would give to your younger self?

This works as a parenting tip and for leadership: Understand there is much more power in positive reinforcement than there is in negative reinforcement. You can influence people to change more than you can punish people to change. It’s why grandparenting is so great. They learned the stuff that doesn’t work anymore.

7. When you think through all the names of Christ, what name resonates with you right now, and why?

Prince of Peace, because I have lived most of my life with anxiety… Prince of Peace is a reminder that I don’t have to live that way. It’s a reminder that I need to be a peace-giver.
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