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Seven Questions with Pete Ramirez

Pete Ramirez
Executive Director
We begin “Seven Questions 2.0” with none other than our very own CSBC Executive Director, Pete Ramirez! Pete has served in a variety of roles at the Convention office including Evangelism and Mission’s Initiative Team Leader and as Associate Executive Director. He and his wife Anabella share two beautiful daughters and enjoy getting to spend as much time as possible with their grandson, Alonzo. Pete has and continues to bring virtuous and youthful vigor in his role as Executive Director for the California Southern Baptist Convention, not to mention, great hair! And now, 7 questions with Pete Ramirez.

1. What book are you currently reading?

I’ve been doing a lot of research for my doctoral studies, but for my more leisure reading there are two books I’ve been picking up every now and then. The first is a devotional book, “The Danger of Spiritual Disciplines: Seven Pitfalls to Avoid” by Richard Foster, and “Book of Common Prayer” by various authors.

2. Coke or Pepsi?

Coke. Pepsi should be eliminated altogether (including R.C. Cola and a few others...).

3. Tell us your best, ministry horror story.

So, you know how pastors will go make visits to people going through good or bad events in life? Well, another associate pastor and I went to the hospital to visit and pray with a couple that were soon-to-be parents. The hospital staff escorted us to the room where the parents were. However, they took us straight to the labor and delivery room. They had literally let us into where the mother was in the middle of giving birth! We high-tailed it out of there as quickly as possible.

4. What has been an evangelistic tactic that has worked best for you?

Relational evangelism has been my best and most affective approach. I think that when you demonstrate that you care about people it opens the door to show God’s love. People can see your testimony by how you live your life.

5. Tell us something that nobody knows about you.

I love children so much that I am even willing to play with Barbies. If dolls are something they enjoy I am willing to embrace the dresses, and shoes, and style. I have played with my daughters and nieces through the years. In fact, one of my nieces renamed her Ken doll, ‘Uncle Pete’.

6. When you were in high school what career had you imagined you would be in right now?

I seriously thought about becoming an actor. I’ve been in 25 plays/musicals. At one point a T.V. Producer and Director asked my parents to have me enroll in a school for actors and wanted to sign me for a contract deal. It was either that, or a youth pastor. I never thought I would be where I am today.

7. When you think through all the names of Christ, what name resonates with you right now and why?

Wonderful Counselor, because of the season we are currently in and also because I need Him and His counsel all the time. He has always been faithful through the Bible, through the Holy Spirit, (to see things others don’t), and through mentors I have been blessed to come into contact with.
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