Your CP dollars: A-Year-At-A-Glance From My Seat

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Your CP dollars: A-Year-At-A-Glance From My Seat

Your CP dollars: A-Year-At-A-Glance From My Seat

I have the habit of asking God,

”What do you need of me?”

And HE is always ready to hand me my assignment in His typical fashion of “the unknowns.” Let me tell you, that is the best place to be. In the impossible is when our God does the possible. Sometimes, we get to participate, and sometimes, we get to rejoice as spectators.

In 2023, I witnessed pastors and leaders overcome the impossible. Our God has done impossible things in California!


In the beautiful town of Rio Dell, after a couple of significant earthquakes and now facing red tags for unsafe buildings throughout the town, Pastor Rodney Sanderson has remained faithful in preaching the Word of God to encourage the church to trust God and help its community. 


We witnessed a historical Co-Senior Pastors’ inauguration. Pastors Roger Spradlin and Phil Neighbors challenged and blessed Pastors Andrew Spradlin and Brian Busby to equip and encourage Valley Baptist Church in Bakersfield. The way one generation of leaders passed the baton to the next generation is a true legacy. The equipping of new leaders is a true legacy. (If you have a moment, check out the service here February 5, Co-Senior Pastor Inauguration (2023)


Gracepoint Church hosted our Northern California Student Conference. This event is near and dear to me. The California State Youth Conference is the very event Christ used to save me back in 1990. Can I just say The Holy Spirit showed up yet again!!! Young people surrendered their lives to God for the first time, and others were challenged to live out their faith in school. If you want to see our state change, Send your students to Ignition! 


Primera Iglesia Bautista San José celebró 75 años de ministerio. ¡Qué ejemplo de mantenerse animado a pesar de todo!


CSBC’s Pastors’ Wives’ retreat was full of blessings.  We needed a Reality Check as we were encouraged to restore and reflect on our identity in Christ through prayer and the reading of scripture.


Watching and listening to my beloved husband preach is a joy, and when he has the opportunity to fill the pulpit to give pastors a respite, it is a sweet moment. Pastor Micaiah Irmler of Southridge in San Jose and his family were able to enjoy a time of deserved rest, knowing that Pastor Pete was in the pulpit.


When I am at my home church, Rise Church in Fresno, like I was this summer, I am reminded of the great responsibility God has bestowed upon me to equip and encourage local, believing women to serve the Lord. This is not always easy, but I serve them with all my heart. 


Joining the ERLC’s Psalm 139 Project as they installed a new ultrasound machine in a Lancaster pregnancy center filled my heart. There, the staff provides not only health care but spiritual care as well. This was an encouraging moment when I considered the lives of men and women who will find help and hope in the years to come. 


We were able to travel out to Malaysia and Japan to see our IMB Missionaries at work. Talk about creativity! They use 5 minutes of English to spark conversations and Virtual Reality rooms to reach young people in search of some real meaning or purpose in life. These non-traditional modes of evangelizing have me praying and supporting our missionaries in a different light.


Following our state convention, I had the privilege of meeting Pastor Ken Terry, a pastor and former interim DOM serving in Burson, who is actively equipping young men through discipleship and seminary training.


November was a roller coaster. And if you know me, I enjoy the thrill. From Gerber to Atlanta, Georgia to Murrieta to Bakersfield to Santa Maria to San Luis Obispo to Fresno. Talk about keeping the bags packed. We said “until we meet again” to our dear friend Roger Spradlin. We celebrated a birthday. There was even a date night in there! The travels were rigorous, but we gave thanks through it all.


To end the year, my husband and I traveled north for a two-service Sunday, where the services were 104 miles apart. Iglesia Bautista Mi Redentor la Vid Verdadera in San Rafael has a small Hispanic congregation loving its community as they learn to trust God with little. Then we traveled to SOL Church (Spring of Life) in Orangevale, where countless Russian and Ukrainian young people are serving and reaching their community and where the neighbors are not too happy with the “joyful noise” these young people bring.

Why are we committed to going? Why do we cheer on these heroes? Because it is our heart’s desire to be a part of the Great Commission work, and we want to share what God is doing in our great state of California.

How is all of this possible? There is one key answer.

The Cooperative Program

CP is an important way in which Californians collectively unite to join God as he accomplishes His great and mighty work. Don’t you want to be a part of this collective effort? When our dollars, gifts, and strategy collide, we, our churches, and our CSBC family are able to see impossible things in the name of Jesus Christ.

About the Author

Anabella Ramirez
Wife of the Executive Director of the California Southern Baptist Convention

Anabella Ramirez has served in a variety of ministry roles such as youth ministry, music ministry, women's ministry and more. She has also served faithfully, alongside her husband Pete Ramirez as a pastor's wife in churches across the state including Pico Rivera, La Habra, and San Jose. Anabella now travels the state (and the nation!) with her husband as he gives leadership in the CSBC as the Executive Director. Together they have raised two beautiful adult daughters, and are enjoying their first grandson, Alonzo.

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