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Why “Church Matters?”

Published Jan 03, 2023

A Q & A with CSBC Executive Director Pete Ramirez

Q: Pete, why did you change the name of the “Church Revitalization Initiatives Team” to the “Church Matters Initiatives Team?

A: Five years ago, Dr. Agee brought Ralph Neighbour to oversee the Church Revitalization Initiatives Team. Over the past five years, Dr. Neighbour has expanded the team to include so many additional aspects of church life beyond church revitalization. Certainly, Church Revitalization continues to be a part of their work, but they also consult on church compliance, church music, church insurance, pastoral care, and a myriad of other needs that churches come to us seeking assistance.

Q: Will Count the Cost continue to be something the Church Matters Initiatives Team implements to help churches?

A: Absolutely! Dr. Agee brought the Count the Cost assessment to the CSBC and graciously gave the assessment to the Convention to help our churches chart a path for growth. Nearly 300 churches have taken the assessment, and over the years, more than a hundred have taken advantage of the free monthly coaching Church Matters offers. A church would do well to take this free assessment! (Click here for a free assessment for your church!)

Q: How is Church Matters helping CSBC churches with the new AB-506 legislation related to child protection in California?

A: That’s a great question! CSBC has partnered with Church HR Network to provide free training and tutoring for every participating CSBC church to comply with AB-506. Church Matters has taken the lead to train and resource our churches, protect our children, and comply with California State legislation. Churches have a limited time to comply with this law, and we are the only denomination in California offering these free resources! (Click here to see AB-506 Resources provided by CSBC.)

Q: It has been cited that up to 50 percent of pastors nationwide have considered leaving the ministry. How is Church Matters helping the health of pastors and their families with the post-Covid pressures they are facing?

A: Caring for our pastors and their families is a high priority for me and our Convention! Last year we partnered with Brotherhood Mutual to provide 350 free, first-year subscriptions to Full Strength Network. This subscription provides up to 12 Christian counseling sessions for pastors, their wives, and their children ages 12-17. This could cost a family thousands of dollars, but we are providing the first year free for all pastors in participating CSBC churches. Full Strength also provides a pastor with free professional Pastoral Coaching for up to 12 sessions a year. We currently have used 150 of those subscriptions, so 200 are still available! (Click here for your free pastor’s subscription to Full Strength Network.)

Q: For those who may not know, what other resources are available from the Church Matters Team?

A: The team can provide demographic information for any church in the CSBC. This helps a pastor understand his changing community and their needs. Roger Byrd can assist a church with sound issues or finding a worship leader. The team is ready to help any church with needs, from church compliance to church insurance. They only need to ask! CSBC is here to serve the churches! (Click here to ask a question or call Dr. Ralph Neighbour at 909.519.4308.)