Why Call Ralph at 909.519.4308? – California Southern Baptist Convention

Why Call Ralph at 909.519.4308?

Published Jan 24, 2023

“I am so frustrated with this AB-506 stuff, thank you so much for being a live person!”

That is how my conversation began with one church office assistant named Barbara. “I went to your CSBC website, and it said to call you. I hope this is okay,” she said.

“Of course, it’s okay!” I responded, “this is why we are here.”

These calls come every day, sometimes 3-5 times a day! The complications with Church Compliance and California State regulations can be very daunting to a person who knows little about how the State of California works. Sometimes you just need a “seeing eye human”!

So why “Call Ralph at 909.519.4308?”

Pete Ramirez, our CSBC Executive Director, saw a real need that bubbled up with the new AB-506 legislation and rapid response. But beyond that, I am encountering many other questions!

  • How do I change our church name?
  • How do I secure an ORI number for DOJ Live-scan?
  • How do I secure our Non-Profit status letter from the CSBC state office?
  • How do I respond to a potential sexual abuse accusation?
  • Do we need to pay taxes if we rent our facility to the school district?
  • What is a California State SI-100 renewal, and how do I make it happen?
  • How do I get legal advice?
  • Where can I get advice for Medical Insurance?
  • Where can I get advice for Property and Casualty Insurance?

Our website has amazing resources! I strongly recommend looking there for most questions! (https://csbc.com/compliance-and-hr-resources/). When you do, you will see my face and cell number, 909.519.4308. Don’t hesitate to call. If I am busy, I will call back!

And by the way, Barbara, from our story, is a happy camper once again!