Using Social Media Well – Tips to Help Churches Reach More People For Jesus (Part 3) – California Southern Baptist Convention

Using Social Media Well – Tips to Help Churches Reach More People For Jesus (Part 3)

Published Sep 19, 2022

Develop an Engagement Team

While I do think churches should have a team involved in managing its social media accounts, that is not the team I am talking about here. Your church needs an engagement team made up of those members who are VERY active on social media. Give those people the opportunity to use their skills to help your church and to glorify God. The best part – it isn’t even hard.

Ideally, the church needs a team of 10-15 people who will engage with all your posts, preferably as soon as you post them. This does two things. First, the algorithms used by social media platforms want to show content people engage with. For example, a video that gets 10 likes and comments within the first hour is more likely to be shown to more people on that particular platform.

The second thing a social media team does is make it more likely that other people will like and/or comment on your posts. People are more likely to engage with a post that has a lot of engagement. Your audience is much more likely to answer a question if it already has 15 answers rather than having zero. No one wants to be the first to answer. Having an active engagement team that sees this as their ministry primes the pump, helping more people to see your posts and making it more likely that they will engage with them.


Social media is hard. Social media is confusing. Social media takes a lot of work. But social media is a powerful tool that I hope your church uses to reach more people with the love of Jesus.