Understanding the Structure of the Southern Baptist Convention – California Southern Baptist Convention

Understanding the Structure of the Southern Baptist Convention

Published May 10, 2022

The SBC 2022 convention is next month, and California pastors and other CSBC faith leaders are encouraged to make the most of this opportunity to attend while activities will be relatively “local.” The business that historically occurs during the annual gathering has a far-reaching impact, particularly as it relates to the SBC presidential election. The SBC Executive Committee created a helpful graphic for messengers to better understand the established structure that serves to fill committee and trustee seats who report back to the convention.

  • The Messengers elect a president. 
  • The elected president appoints leaders to serve on the committee on committees, the resolution committee, the registration committee, and as tellers.
  • The committee on committees nominates (and messengers vote on) candidates for the committee on nominations
  • The committee on nominations nominates (and messengers vote on) state leaders to serve on all other reporting committees and trustee boards

Messenger engagement matters. No person fills a seat without the approval of local church messengers.  Only those in attendance get to speak into and/or affirm nominated appointees. It’s not too late to represent our state and your church. Register to be a messenger today. http://register.sbcannualmeeting.net/