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Time to Replace those Posters!

Published Dec 18, 2020

Businesses of all sizes that have one or more employees must post the most current mandatory federal and state Wage & Hour and Labor law notices in a location accessible and normally visited by the employees.

If 5% or more of your employees are primarily Spanish speaking, the notices are also required to be posted in Spanish (all other languages are optional, even if a larger percentage speak another language). There can be substantial penalties for failure to post the notices or for not having the most current notices posted. Churches are not immune from the requirements or penalties. 

Because state and federal laws change frequently, and most new laws adopted each year typically take effect on January 1 and/or July 1 of the following year, many notices must be replaced at least once yearly. This is certainly true in California, at least for the next few years as the minimum wage changes. 

Your responsibility is to have all current 2021 notices posted as soon as possible after January 1, 2021. Although each of the 25 separate notices required to be posted can be located, downloaded, and printed from their respective sources at no cost, keeping track of all the required notices and making sure you have the correct ones is not a simple task.

You can simplify the task by purchasing a compact “all-in-one” poster containing each of the required federal and state notices, which are typically about 25” x 40” in size. Vendors that offer these posters are numerous and the cost can vary widely from one to another. There is nothing special about the content of a combined poster that costs $69.95 compared to one that costs $24.95. Don’t pay more than you must and be aware of shipping costs!

Also, there is no need to pay for a “subscription” that offers poster “updates.” Replacing your poster in January of each year will usually be sufficient.

It is important to note that one notice not appearing on the combined posters is the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) notice concerning sick leave which took effect and hasn’t changed since March 2020. Most companies are selling this notice for an additional $10-$15. You don’t need to pay for that notice!  You can download the official US Department of Labor notice in English and Spanish as a PDF, print it and post alongside the larger combined poster. 

You can locate poster vendors online by doing a simple Internet search for “2021 labor posters.”  Compare the prices, the shipping fees, and order your posters now.

For additional questions or concerns, contact the Human Resources & Church Compliance Ministry by calling 559-256-0858 or emailing hrcc@csbc.com.