Summer Book Club: Dr. Jonathan Jarboe Recommends – California Southern Baptist Convention

Summer Book Club: Dr. Jonathan Jarboe Recommends

Published Jul 12, 2022

There are so many valuable books and resources. However, I believe every believer should read and own “God and Money: How We Discovered True Riches at Harvard Business School.” John Cortines and Gregory Baumer, both young Harvard MBA’s on the fast track to wealth and success, tell their personal stories of God’s transforming power when it comes to how we view money and resources. Not only do the authors tell their stories, but they offer a unique view of what the Scriptures teach about generosity. As young Christians with sky-high earnings potential, both were confronted with truth from God’s Word that would forever change the trajectory of their lives and families. After a thorough examination of what the Scriptures teach related to faith and finance, these entrepreneurs came to a startling conclusion that challenged their futures and the values of mainstream Americans and most Christians.

This book rocked my world and confirmed in my own heart a direction God had been tugging me toward for many years. Don’t read it unless you want God to shake up your view of money and your personal responsibility to steward it according to His Word, not the cultural and societal norms we have embraced. It inspired me to be radically generous with the resources God blesses me to manage. It doesn’t matter whether you earn a little or a lot, God and money will give you a roadmap to reap the rewards of radical and biblical generosity. So many of us approach finances by determining the bare minimum we can give to God and then we live off and squander the rest. Cortines and Baumer challenge their readers to think biblically about faith and money by determining what is the basic standard needed to live and then give the rest to God and His work around the world. This book has the potential to transform your world!