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Pastor Appreciation Month: Your Pastor’s Ticket to Paradise!

Published Sep 19, 2023

This article is a continuation of our series on Pastor Appreciation Month. To read the previous article, click here.

For our second installment of inspirational ideas for Pastor Appreciation Month, grab your plane, train, or cruise ticket because we’re headed out “on the road!” If you had the idea of sending your pastor on a getaway to show your appreciation, our panel of pastors has provided plenty of insight into their ideal places to go for relaxation and renewal.

Jason Robertson shared two of his favorite places: “It all depends on the time of year. If it’s summertime, I enjoy Catalina Island, and were it closer to winter, ANYWHERE in the mountains is my ideal place!”

Alternatively, you don’t always need to go far to find that perfect spot. Francis Chung shared, “Right now, it’s my front porch. It’s a safe place I often go to meet with the Lord.”

Pete Ramirez had a broader preference to bring about renewal. “As long as there is an ocean to swim in, I’m happy!”

Mountains and lakes are what Kendrick Neal considers to be an ideal choice. He enjoys the solitude and silence that places with these features bring about for him.

Jason Blankenship shared that his favorite place is fishing on his boat– specifically without his phone anywhere nearby! “Being silent and in nature, there is nothing better! The only thing that makes that scenario more perfect is if you catch a fish while you’re at it!”

In stark contrast to what appears to be the popular opinion, Gregory Perkins would never turn down an opportunity to go to New York City! “Being in the business of the city, I find the quiet places! Walking through Manhattan and being amongst the people is really a special place for me. I love people-watching!”

As we pull back into the station from this little adventure to the ocean and through the trees, we hope we gave you a little insider guide to the places your pastor might like to rest!