October 23rd is Prayer for Associational Missions Day and CSBC is Encouraging Californians to Join the Prayer Effort – California Southern Baptist Convention

October 23rd is Prayer for Associational Missions Day and CSBC is Encouraging Californians to Join the Prayer Effort

Published Oct 11, 2022

According to the 2022 SBC calendar, October 23 is Prayer for Associational Missions Day. This comes as a timely reminder to be praying for California’s 28 associations, Directors of Missions (DOMs), and other regional staff, particularly as the majority will host their annual meetings in the fall. The California DOM Fellowship also will have their regular gathering at the CSBC Annual Meeting in West Sacramento.

Over the last several months, a DOM task force comprised of 3 members of the CSBC staff, 5 DOMs, and 2 Executive Board members has been meeting to establish a better working relationship between the entities. As Pete Ramirez put it, “This task force was created to explore and develop initiatives to help us partner better in California. I think it has accomplished that goal. The spirit of cooperation among the task force has been healthy and encouraging.” When asked about the necessity of the group, Victor Chayasirisobhon, shared, “It was absolutely necessary to get the DOMs together, and I was honored to be a part of it. You know, the enemy always tries to get in between us when we are doing good work. The more we can strengthen our relationships, the more we love on each other, and the better equipped we are to get down to the issues and concerns at hand. Then we can better serve the Kingdom.”

Two significant resolutions that emerged from the task force are a working document, rooted in Matthew 18, to establish protocols for conflict resolution and an effective channel of communication for the flow of information between the Associational Offices and CSBC. When asked about the wins associated with effective communications, Ramirez said, “The DOMs are our first contact with California’s local churches. They are vital in helping us better resource the churches within their associations. They are better positioned to be able to support the local congregation because of their proximity. What we can expect to see now is more intentionality in how we strive to serve our churches so they can accomplish the work of The Great Commission.”

When asked about the future of the working relationship between the agencies, Chayasirisobhon added, “It is a continual process, but I believe the DOM task force was extremely successful and I look forward to the future with this strong, foundational working relationship. Now, when things arise, we can tackle it as a family because of our strong relationships.”

Task force members included:

CSBC Staff

Pete Ramirez, Executive Director

Jason Blankenship, CSBC Evangelism Team Leader

Sarah Graham, CSBC Communications Director

Directors of Missions

Mike Carlisle, San Diego Association

Deryl Lackey, Inland Empire Association

Mike Stewart, Great Commission Association

Charles Woods, Sierra Butte Association

Victor Chayasirisobhon, Orange County Association (originally on the task force as an Executive Board member)

Executive Board

Dale Garland, pastor, Hope in the Valley Baptist Church, Hemet

Kendrick Neal, pastor, Calvary Church, West Hills.

California Southern Baptist leaders are encouraged to not only be praying for DOMs and associational offices but to engage in the work happening at the regional level. One simple way to accomplish this is to attend your local Associational Annual Meeting. A schedule is included here. If your association has not yet scheduled their meeting, please feel free to call your DOM to find out when the meeting will be scheduled.

Bridges Bay AreaMayMid-ValleyOct 16
Central Valley Baptist Mother LodeOct 22
Costa Meda Baptist North Bay/ Golden Hills 
Delta ValleyOct 8North CoastOct 15
Feather RiverOct 14Orange CountyNov 12
Gold CoastNov 5Redwood EmpireOct 15
Great CommissionOctober 7-8Sacramento RegionNov 10
High DesertSept 15San DiegoJanuary
Inland EmpireJan 28San Fernando ValleyOct 29
Kern County Sequoia BaptistOct 2
LAX Urban Center Shasta BaptistOct 15
Long Beach HarborOct 15Sierra ButteOct 15
Los AngelesOct 17Tahoe BaptistNONE
Mendo LakeOct 15Trinity Southern BaptistNov, TBD

For more information on the role and purpose of a Director of Missions, check out this handy informational piece produced by our friends over at Mobile Baptists.