O Come, All You Unfaithful – California Southern Baptist Convention

O Come, All You Unfaithful

Published Nov 16, 2022

Christmas is obviously a time for celebration songs. “Joy To The World,” “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing,” and the “Hallelujah Chorus” will be sung in countless churches this Christmas, and rightfully so. But many people struggle to celebrate during the Christmas season. They feel lonely, depressed, and heartbroken. They’re hurting for any number of reasons. Our worship services need to meet people in those places too. 

“O Come, All You Unfaithful” by Sovereign Grace Music is the perfect Christmas song for people like that. The verses call the “unfaithful…weak and unstable…bitter and broken…guilty and hiding” to come and adore the Messiah born for them. Haven’t those feelings been true of all of us at one time or another? The good news is that Jesus was born to save everyone, especially those who know they don’t have it all together. What a miraculous truth!

This song works well, led by a female vocalist with male harmonies in the second half, but clearly could be adapted for any worship team. With a vocal range of just over one octave and simple repetition, it’s easy for any congregation to learn and sing. The sparse, droning piano at the beginning grabs attention, and the dynamic build over the course of the song perfectly fits the lyrics.

My favorite part of the song is the Bridge. “He’s the Lamb who was given, slain for our pardon. His promise is peace for those who believe.” At my church, we’ll probably repeat this section a few times because it helps the congregation confess and remember this great truth. Returning to simple piano at the end is a great setup to transition into a capella singing, “O come let us adore Him…” 

Though it’s got a different feel than most Christmas music, that’s what makes this song stand out. “O Come, All You Unfaithful” would be a great addition to any church’s Christmas services!