It’s an ALWAYS Sort of Thing!

Pastor appreciation month

It’s an ALWAYS Sort of Thing!

Written By Lisa Kooiman

It’s an ALWAYS Sort of Thing!

This article is the conclusion of our series on Pastor Appreciation Month. To read the first article, click here.

To read last week’s article, click here. The previous articles can be found here and here.

As this Pastor Appreciation series ends, we hope it provided some insight into the big and small ways to show your pastor just how much you appreciate them. Whether you are young or old, have been a long-time member of the church or just started attending, there are numerous things that go a long way to touch your pastor’s heart. And just because the recognized “day” has passed, you still have plenty of opportunities the rest of this month to show your pastor some love. Even better yet, appreciating your pastor can come at any time of the year. Don’t let a month hold you back!

For this final compilation of ideas, we are focusing on sharing times when our pastor panelists have felt MOST encouraged by the church congregation.

“In 2005 I was just starting out as a new pastor, and we had a big outreach event coming up. The congregation and I went to every door in Corcoran to invite them. The day was finally there, and no one came. I thought I was gonna get fired!” shared Jason Blakenship. “The very next Sunday, one of the ladies from the church came to me and expressed that there had been so much work put into the event, but ultimately the outcomes of the effort were in God’s hands. Her acknowledgement of the situation that was weighing heavily on my heart was such a relief in knowing I hadn’t failed my church.” 

“We had multiple pastors serving in leadership roles for the church and the church family put together gift baskets for each of us. They were presented during a banquet, and they just overflowed out onto the table. It was such a thoughtful thing for each of us to receive,” reflected Jason Robertson.

Francis Chung said, “I think when people say they will pray for me or that I am remembered in their prayers, that is when I find myself feeling the most encouraged.”

Gregory Perkins reminisced of a time when his church honored him during his birthday month. “They were very generous, and their expressions of love were just over the top! I felt not only honored but valued.” He remarked that they had worked so covertly and in such a clandestine way. “I started preaching and they stopped me, said they were taking a risk, and they hoped I wouldn’t be mad… but I couldn’t say ‘no’. ‘Today we’re just going to celebrate!’ they informed me,” he remarked.

Pete Ramirez had one occasion come to mind that proved to be most encouraging. One of his daughters had been sick and his church graciously collected an offering to help pay the medical bills incurred.

These instances paint a perfect picture of how appreciating our pastor shouldn’t be confined to just a month in the year!  Pastors are just as human as anyone and life happens to them just as life happens to us! Encouragement for our pastors should be an always sort of thing!

About the Author

Lisa Kooiman
Executive Assistant, Office of Communications, CSBC

Lisa Kooiman serves as the executive assistant in the Office of Communications for the California Southern Baptist Convention. She is a graduate of California State University, Fresno. Lisa and her husband, Ruben, are enjoying the season of parenthood with their preschool daughter, Everly. They attend the Old Town Campus of Clovis Hills Community Church, the very church (under different leadership and name) where Lisa made a profession of faith and was baptized as a young girl.

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