Is a Homeschool Co-op in Your Church’s Future? – California Southern Baptist Convention

Is a Homeschool Co-op in Your Church’s Future?

Published Jul 06, 2021

There are four models of homeschool co-ops which churches may want to explore to provide a quality education and environment for learning?  While each has its own set of pros and cons, many churches are ideally suited to becoming involved in any one of these models.

With many Christian families seeking alternatives to public education, churches increasingly are looking for ways to participate in or provide an alternative educational environment for the children of their members and the community. Homeschooling is one of those alternatives.
The time needed to implement a homeschool co-op that could become operational in the fall is getting short and there are certain deadlines that must be met, depending on which model is being implemented. Below is an article prepared by the Pacific Justice Institute, a leading defender of West Coast churches and their First Amendment liberties, which explores each of the four models and highlights the legal, technical, and logistical requirements of each.