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Essentials for a Thriving Women’s Ministry Team

Published Mar 28, 2023

“…so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.” 2 Timothy 3:17

The past couple of years, we have had a season for ministry reflection, and now there is a sense of freedom to move ahead with reassurance and faith that God is still at work. As you anticipate the way forward this season, the top consideration for a thriving women’s ministry would be the equipping and spiritual formation of your ministry team. Every aspect of your women’s ministry hinges on this key element.

The primary essential for starting any ministry is prayer. Prayer is not something we add on; it is something we start with. So many of our ministry leaders and teams turn to God on the back end. The narrative has to flip if we want clarity and solid direction. It’s like driving in new territory without looking at the map until we are lost. Seek God together for the way forward in ministry, and he will direct you to where he is already moving.

The next phase is to ensure your ministry has a vision, mission, or purpose statement. What’s driving your ministry, and how will you get there? Having a solid vision and mission statement gives the ministry team a clear path forward. A great way to determine this component is to make certain that your ministry statement falls in line with your pastor’s vision and mission for the church. Women’s ministries should add value, strength, and support to the overall mission of the church. Silo ministries are a thing of the past. Let’s move together in unity within the church as a whole.

Now that you have prayed and cast a vision, what kind of team will you build or rebuild? When you think about your recruits, it is important to consider those you minister to. Ministry to women includes varied generational aspects and diversity. Your leaders should exemplify the same. Recruit with purpose and intentionality. Jesus saw potential in all types of people. Each has a unique gift and purpose designed to build the kingdom and serve in their calling.

A crucial part of building a healthy team is creating a group covenant and profile. This gives each person an understanding of the vision and helps them to understand the BIG picture of ministry and what it means to serve the women in church well. As each member is assigned a place on the team, be sure and give them a list of guidelines or a ministry description. This ensures they know your expectations and understanding of the role they have been called to. Meeting with your leaders both together and separately provides a great source of accountability. One-on-one mentoring with your team is vital to their spiritual walk and growth. If your team thrives, the ministry will thrive.

Leading well requires a servant’s heart. Do you lead from the top or get in the trenches with your people? Jesus was in the midst of everything as he was training his disciples. He modeled leadership for them, and in doing so, he equipped them for the task! Train your team to become leaders equipped for excellence. Provide them with plenty of opportunities to learn and give them opportunities to apply it! As leaders, we should always be working ourselves out of a position. There are many leaders who want to hold on to the reigns, and when transition comes, it can be difficult to let go. Get in the habit of empowering your team to take the lead.

The best foundation to ensure you have a thriving women’s ministry is to reflect on areas where the spiritual formation of your ministry team will grow and flourish. Equip them for every good work with a renewed purpose focusing on God’s will and direction, and watch your ministry flourish!