“Behold” – California Southern Baptist Convention


Published Nov 08, 2022

“Behold” is a beautifully-singable, congregationally-friendly Christmas song. Released earlier this year and written by Phil Wickham, “Behold” is designed to be sung corporately in a church context and can be led by one worship leader or as a duet between male and female worship leaders. For churches with a choir or larger ensembles, this song contains elements that would feature these groups brilliantly.  As a result, “Behold” is versatile enough to be led simply in an intimate setting with one worship leader or a small worship ensemble or presented dramatically with a full, large-sounding worship team and choir.

The song begins with a call to “behold, the King has come” and celebrates both the divinity and humanity of Jesus Christ at his incarnation.  As it continues, worshippers are encouraged to remember the Father’s incomprehensible love when he sent Jesus to die in our place on the cross and to know the hope of his glorious resurrection. “Behold” ties the manger to the cross and emphasizes Jesus’ mission in this world. Worshipers are exhorted to prepare room in their hearts for Jesus Christ the King of Heaven, which is a powerful reminder during the busy Christmas season for both Christ-followers as well as to those who have yet to receive Jesus as Lord of their own lives. The chorus and bridge sections of “Behold” borrow from the timeless Christmas Hymn “O Come All Ye Faithful,” echoing the phrases, “O come let us adore Him, Christ the Lord!,” which masterfully wrap the song sections with warm, familiar tidings for worshipers to exalt Jesus Christ at Christmas and always. 

If your church is looking for brand-new Christmas music that is Christ-centered and worshipful for all ages, “Behold” by Phil Wickham is a great choice.

(*Eric Schumacker was the elected worship leader for the 2022 California Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting at Bryte Church in West Sacramento.)