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Are You Due for a Sound and Light Assessment?

Published Jan 10, 2023

People come to church to be with other believers and worship the Lord. To help them best worship together and connect with God, worshippers need to utilize two important senses: they need to hear the words being shared distinctly, and they need to clearly see the worship leaders as they lead us to pray, sing, and listen to God’s Word. Then, we can respond in a way that pleases the Lord. Thus, sound and light systems are essential to your corporate worship.

The church family gets used to the low light and difficult sound system, and it isn’t uncommon for someone to not even use the microphone properly, thinking, “surely everyone can hear me from here.” Church sound and light systems often suffer from disrepair or faulty systems over the years, while the pulpit gets situated in shadows at the front of the stage, leaving the pastor to preach the Word in a dimly lit space.

Guests, however, come in with a completely different experience.

Guests enter a low-lit worship center with problematic sound issues and wonder why a church exists in such conditions. They don’t understand the long-term loyalty of a church family barely scraping by and believing they cannot change their light and sound situation.

Friends, it doesn’t have to be like that.

Properly considered lighting helps direct the attention and bring focus to who is speaking or singing. The sound system brings clarity to the words and voice so all can hear the gospel message. The sound system also feeds a mixture of sound to the camera for streaming or recording the worship service. All of these things take equipment and people to serve in running the systems during church.

The Church Matters Team can help! We can bring a new set of ears and eyes to your church and help with suggestions to improve your congregation’s worship experience. Just give Church Matters a call, and we will schedule a visit to your church to assess your systems and make recommendations for improvements. Perhaps all that is needed is a system adjustment or other easy fix. Or maybe it’s time to start thinking about a plan to completely upgrade items as you are able.

We understand that most churches cannot throw out all the existing equipment and buy new things. Nor should you! However, we know you need to start where you are and develop a plan to conquer the need over time with a stair-stepped plan for each season. What do we replace first? Where do we put our best dollars to get a marked improvement now? We can help. We can help because our team and all CSBC teams are supported and funded by your Cooperative Program Mission gifts. In addition, all participating CSBC churches have a hand in providing these assessments to your church. We are grateful for your contributions and want to help you by providing this assessment without cost to you.

Call us. We can help.