Speakers Tournament and Youth Bible Drill Winners Celebrate – California Southern Baptist Convention

Speakers Tournament and Youth Bible Drill Winners Celebrate

Published May 02, 2015

Speakers Tournament and Youth Bible Drill winners gather after the April 11 state finals at Woodward Park Baptist Church in Fresno.

Dozens of students participated in the tournament, having progressed from church and association levels, to the California Southern Baptist Convention finals.

Pictured are (front row left) Ashley Lee (first place youth Bible Drill) and Selena Hong (second place youth Bible Drill; (second row left) Aileen Wei (second place Speaker) and Megan Lee (first place Speaker); (back row left) Grayson Schilling (third place Speaker) and Andrew Shi (first place Speaker); not pictured is Joshua Chung, second place Speaker.

Bible Drill is for children in grades 4-6 and 7-9, while the Speakers Tournament is for high school students. Holly Smith, managing editor of the California Southern Baptist who has served as a judge for several years at the Bible Drill finals, said, “These kids are absolutely amazing. They know more of the Bible than I do now, let alone when I was their age! I encourage all our churches to get their students involved in Bible Drill — the things they learn about and from God’s Word will last throughout their lives.”

For more information about getting started with children’s Bible Drill, contact Tom Belew at tbelew@csbc.com or 559-229-9533, ext. 237; for information about youth Bible Drill or the Speakers Tournament contact Daryl Watts at dwatts@csbc.com; ext. 261; or visit www.csbc.com.