Resources available to churches to promote CP – California Southern Baptist Convention

Resources available to churches to promote CP

Published Jun 01, 2013

FRESNO — A new Cooperative Program video with supporting print materials is available to churches to help observe CP Day on any Sunday during the year, according to a state CP advocate.

Mike McCullough, California Southern Baptist Convention associate executive director and CP specialist, said the new CP materials “take a contemporary and innovative approach to communicating the essence of CP as Southern Baptist’s preferred method for fulfilling the Great Commission.”

The centerpiece of the new materials, under the theme of “From You to Eternity,” is a video employing the use of an artist to illustrate the narration using cartoon-style images. First developed by the Missouri Baptist Convention, its executive director offered other state Baptist conventions to stylize the video for their use.

“When I saw the video,” McCullough said, “I thought it was a very simple, yet fresh and simple way to convey how CP works and what cooperative missions is all about. It has been updated to include California ministries.”

The video in partnership with the print materials is “an excellent way for a congregation to better understand and educate itself about what happens when they give through the Cooperative Program to support state, national and international missions,” McCullough added.

After looking at the video, he said, it was decided to produce print materials with the same “look and feel” to support the video.

“That’s what we’ve done,” McCullough said. “We decided to produce a larger poster for church use as well as a smaller poster or flyer that explains more in-depth what the Cooperative Program is all about.”

He also noted a combination bulletin insert and bookmark have been produced. “Once a church member has read the bulletin insert information, they can tear off the bookmark and keep it for reference and a reminder that they are partners in worldwide missions through CP.”
All materials are available to churches at no cost, McCullough said, and can be ordered online at; click on the “CP Day” icon or link. He noted the video is streaming on the CP Day page and is downloadable.

For more information contact Sandy Goins by e-mail or by phone at 559.229.9533, ext. 252.