Jenness Park gets “Yard Work” done

Jenness Park gets “Yard Work” done

JENNESS PARK – A little over a year ago Jenness Park Christian Camp, owned and operated by California Southern Baptist Convention, began promoting a “Yard Work” campaign.

The concept is for interested individuals or groups to donate $150 to buy one yard – 3′ X 20′ – of the entry road into the camp to be improved.

Many have bought a yard or two individually, while others have joined their friends, youth group or church to invest in the road. Not only have funds been donated, but for the many who have prayed, staff at the camp are especially thankful. Your prayers have been answered

After years of having a rough, deeply rutted road, Jenness Park has put the Yard Work donations to good use. In October and November the first 400 yards of the main road, the worst section, were improved. Bart Grunau, a volunteer from Washington and a member of Jenness Park’s advisory committee, knew the extreme need for the road to be redone. He contacted his friend Larry, from Visalia, to see if he could help. Although Larry had never been to Jenness before, he graciously seized the opportunity.

Larry took the task to heart, and contacted some skilled workers to help improve the road. He also gave money to purchase road- base, which protects the grading/leveling of the road from washing away, and even donated the use of his road-work vehicles. Larry even contacted another camp, with whom he has a relationship, to inquire about an old water truck. This camp gave Jenness their truck without batting an eye! Having a source of water is essential for laying a new road, and Jenness would have had a challenging time meeting that need without the donated truck. Larry made incredible efforts to see progress made – more than Jenness Park staff could have hoped for or expected.

In October, a friend of Larry’s from Visalia, John, came to stay at Jenness to do some road-work. When he saw the need to improve internal camp roads, John set out on a mission to raise money for road-base. Once he had enough money raised, the base was purchased and he put it down himself on a number of the most worn-out internal roads.

Not only did the Lord bless the camp with Bart, Larry and John’s efforts, but another volunteer group from G & L Brock Construction Company sought to help with road improvements at the beginning of November. David Brock brought some of his skilled workers, some of their road work equipment and a deep desire to see progress made on Jenness Park’s main road. Within just a few days the group had torn up and recycled the old pavement, and widened and graded it so it would be level and drain properly. The volunteers then laid the road-base, compressed and leveled it. The whole process took only three days.

Although only the first 400 yards have been improved, the long-term impact of those 400 yards is dramatic – the camp’s vehicles won’t take such a beating since that part of the road is much easier to drive on. Campers’ vehicles will have that same benefit; the camp’s snow plowing equipment will have a longer life. Passing cars, trucks and buses will no longer have to pull to the side. Potholes have drastically been reduced, which makes the road look and feel friendlier.

Jenness Park thanks those who have prayed, donated, volunteered or told others about the camp. We treasure your investment in Jenness Park and pray that you might continue to partner with us to see the Lord’s work done. “Reaching the Lost, Equipping Believers and Restoring God’s Servants” – the camp’s mission statement – would not be possible without a strong network of support.

To participate financially is assuring that “Yard Work” continues at Jenness Park, click here to donate so campers can get to and from JP.

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