Insight – September 2019 – California Southern Baptist Convention

Insight – September 2019

Published Aug 31, 2019

As you read this Insight I will have completed 14 meetings around the state with pastors and leaders from all walks of life, all ethnicities and all sizes of churches. It has given me a greater understanding of the challenges the pastors in California face on a daily basis. It has also given me an opportunity to see the level of commitment they have to share the Good News with everyone in California.

These meetings were designed to allow me to share some good news regarding God’s favor being poured out on California. It also provided the opportunity to once again challenge pastors and leaders to step up in evangelism, church, planting, revitalization and small church ministry. The churches of California have proven to be the Southern Baptist Convention’s pacesetters in these areas.

I challenged our church leaders to step up in baptisms, church starts, getting more people involved in mission experiences and in mission giving. Many have already committed their church to step up in these areas, and all churches in California will be challenged in 2020 to step up. The California Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting, this year in El Cajon Oct. 22-23, will focus on and highlight churches that have and that will be stepping up.

My prayer is that every pastor will take the Step Up Challenge and lead his church to join other California churches to reach and baptize more people, join in praying for and working with new churches, have more people involved in missions, and give more to the California Mission Offering to address needs in California.

It is certainly true that an individual church can attempt to do these things alone and may be able to do so with a degree of success, but not at the level they can be done together.

Let’s seek in 2020 to work together, pray together and go together to build God’s Kingdom.

Thank you to all who took the time and made the effort to attend the meetings and share your story with me. I know you and your work better now, and I know better how to pray for you.

It is indeed a privilege and an honor to serve with you in California!

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