Insight – September 2017

Insight – September 2017

In these Insight articles I am attempting to share with you the key aspects of the vision for California Southern Baptist Convention. The Convention has determined to focus on resourcing the vision of the churches, and differentiate itself in the areas of church planting and revitalization.

Thus far we have addressed resourcing church vision and church planting. In this article I would like to talk about revitalization.

In the United States and throughout California there are churches that, for longer than they care to admit, have lost their way. The church no longer is in a position to effectively minister the Good News of Jesus Christ to the neighborhood or region where it is located. There is no clearly defined vision of where the church needs to be one, two or five years down the road. Yet the pastor would love to see it turn around.

The church did not suddenly come to this position. It was a process. It happened much like when you go to a movie — when you first walk in, you cannot see anything, but after awhile, your eyes adjust and you get used to the dark.

Several years ago, a song was recorded using this phrase many times, “I hope you get the chance to live like you were dying.” The churches in need of revitalization must regain the urgency to live with the end in mind.

What would be different if you knew you were dying? What would be more important now that was not so important yesterday?

CSBC desires to help churches regain that sense of urgency with purpose and forethought. It is our prayer that our churches will identify their neighbors, engage them intentionally with the gospel, and begin to find ways to reach them for Christ. Nothing in the church’s life can be of more importance than reaching people for Christ.

The dynamics of planting a church and leading a church in revitalization are very similar. Luke 14:28 tells us that if we desire to build a tower, plant a church or lead a church in revitalization, we must first sit down and count the cost of what that will entail.

Our Convention staff wants to assist you and your church to count the cost and determine “what it will take” to see the church turn around. Please contact us and let us know how we can assist you and your congregation in these important endeavors.

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