Insight – October 2018 – California Southern Baptist Convention

Insight – October 2018

Published Oct 01, 2018

We are moving into a time when the churches in the Convention have an opportunity to be a blessing to so many, during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

For me it is a time to take an inward and an outward look. During this time of year I think back on all that has occurred and what I would like to see God do in the coming year.

Much has happened this year that has been amazing and I feel so blessed to be serving in the role God has called me to fulfill. While my schedule of being out in the field with the churches has been very full, a lot of my time has been focused on internal issues and preparing the Convention team to effectively carry out the task of resourcing the vision of the churches.

So what do I see as I take the outward look?

I see the churches starting to understand the value of what CSBC can bring to them. For example, many of our churches are taking advantage of Count the Cost training, which provides a frame-work for our churches to focus on the most important and key issues they face — whether they are large or small, city or rural, Anglo or ethnic. In the next year I see an even greater number of churches involved in the process.

I see CSBC playing a larger role in assisting churches with the various aspects of their vision. The Evangelism and Missions Initiatives Team will continue to play a major role in helping churches and CSBC utilize the California Mission Offering to expand ministries to the churches.

Churches are starting to step up and address the needs we have in California.

The Small Church Initiatives Team, which is in the research stage now, will be in a position to work with our many small churches as they seek to be the best small church they can be in their community.

I see CSBC taking a stronger position regarding the establishment of new, healthy, reproducing churches through the Church Starting Initiatives Team. CSBC has begun this process by placing significant resources with the team, not simply relying on the North American Mission Board to provide for new churches.

CSBC is now a major player and will continue to expand our role until we are a strong partner in church planting.

I am excited about where we are currently, but even more excited about where we are headed in the coming year. Please continue to pray for God’s favor as we serve Him here in California. The best days are ahead!