Insight – October 2017 – California Southern Baptist Convention

Insight – October 2017

Published Sep 27, 2017

California Southern Baptist Convention is moving in a new direction. The Executive Board approved a new structure during their meeting in Fresno September 8.

The new structure will allow resourcing the vision of our churches to be the primary focus as we move forward. Other aspects are addressed by four Initiatives Teams: Church Planting Initiatives, Revitalization Initiatives, Small Church Initiatives and Evangelism and Missions.

The associate executive director and four Initiatives Team leaders will form a counsel that will meet regularly to give direction and guidance to the work of the teams as well as monitor metrics established to gauge the effectiveness of the teams and their work.

The executive director, associate executive director, business director and communication director will serve as an executive team addressing strategic aspects of the Convention’s work. This group will give oversight to team leaders and focus on how each team relates to the strategic vision of the Convention.

The staff in the Fresno office will serve on a specified team — not confined to just one team but serving where the need is greatest at the time. This will lessen the feeling of being in a “silo” and will allow the staff to utilize all of their giftedness in various aspects of the work.

The Executive Board will be taking on a more strategic role moving forward.

They will not just hear reports and “rubber-stamp” them but will rather provide accountability and ask serious questions of the staff as they provide support and oversight for the teams. Board members will receive information in advance that gives them the basics of what has taken place, freeing them to ask pertinent questions and become involved in the work of the Executive Board staff in a greater way.

We are in the process of seeking the team leaders God has prepared for us “for such a time as this.” We are also reviewing our protocols and documentation so we can work as effectively as possible with our churches and partners in ministry.

Much has been accomplished but much remains to be done before we are hitting on all cylinders. Please pray with us and for us as we serve the Lord together.

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