Insight – May 2019 – California Southern Baptist Convention

Insight – May 2019

Published Apr 25, 2019

The staff and leaders of the Convention recently evaluated where our strengths and weaknesses are evident.

It is exciting to see the strengths related to each team, and equally exciting — in a different way — to identify the weaknesses. Having done this brings us to the question, “What now?”

It is important for those of us who serve in a leadership role to hear from some of you. It is important for us to evaluate where we are, but your insight is vital for verification and even validation of what we have observed.

So I am going to “hit the road” and ask your opinion about several aspects of the Convention’s ministry, and take an opportunity to challenge you to join me in making a Kingdom difference in our future.

I am going to invite 10-15 pastors and leaders in six regions of our state to meet with me and tell me your thoughts and feelings regarding what the ministry is doing to assist you and your church. The invitations will be for people from large churches, small churches, urban churches, rural churches, ethnic churches, new churches and older churches.

We will spend a day together talking, praying and strategizing about the future and what it will take to get there.

Look for your invitation in the next couple of months. I hope you will respond and plan to be in the group from your area. Your input is very important to me. We have seen great things happen and great ministry occurring in the churches but we are eager to know and understand how we can better serve you and your church as you seek to impact your community.

I am thankful and extremely honored to be able to serve in California. The fields are white unto harvest and the opportunity is great. Pray with me for workers to go into the fields and gather the harvest the Lord has prepared.

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