Insight – March 2020 – California Southern Baptist Convention

Insight – March 2020

Published Feb 26, 2020

These are certainly interesting days for the building of God’s Kingdom.

Each individual Christian, church, association, state convention and national entity is being challenged by external as well as internal forces. These forces could have a dramatic effect on our ability to impact the people in our state who need the Lord.

As we contemplate charting a course for the future it is imperative for us to stay focused on the task at hand. It is easy to be sidetracked and become involved in peripheral issues that may seem important, but are not our main task or our reason to exist.

I challenge all of us to not lose sight of why we exist, and to remain diligent and laser-focused on reaching more people with the gospel!

Charting a course for the future will mean making hard decisions. Life and ministry are filled with challenges and choices that can make some days more difficult to face than others. It is at that moment each of us must re-examine our calling and be willing to do the often

uncomfortable but necessary things to move us and our ministry forward.

Charting a course for the future also involves celebrating the victories God gives us every day. One of the things all of us fail to do enough of is to celebrate how God has blessed us. I want to celebrate every victory because every victory comes from God.

Our Convention is strong today through

God’s intervention and direction. That is something to celebrate together, and we thank God for His grace toward us.

California Southern Baptist Convention has new life and a renewed sense of purpose as we seek to assist churches as they fulfill the vision God has given them. We are committed to remain focused and not be carried away with issues that are not part of our main purpose. We are willing to make the hard calls when needed to allow for a Kingdom advance. We are ready to celebrate the victories God gives us in the days ahead.

The future for CSBC and the churches in California looks bright. Let’s all join together to share the gospel, stay focused on what is truly important, do what is needed to reach people for Jesus and acknowledge that all good things come from Him.

I am thankful to be on this journey with each of you. Great days are ahead.

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