Ignition emphasizes to students that God is “Greater” – California Southern Baptist Convention

Ignition emphasizes to students that God is “Greater”

Published Feb 03, 2020

CLOVIS — Every student and leader at the Ignition Student Conference 2019 left knowing that God is “Greater” — than anything possible in their lives.

Speakers and worship addressed the theme throughout the three-day event, held this year at Clovis Hills Community Church in Clovis Dec. 26-28.

While the Clovis Hills worship team led worship, featured speakers included Megan Fate Marshman, Jeff Wallace, Clovis Hills’ pastor Shawn Beaty and comedian Bob Smiley.

The high-energy Ignition included inflatable games and outdoor activities for the students during break times, as well as food trucks for Friday lunch and ministry projects throughout Fresno.

Dozens of students participated in the ministries that ranged from “alley beautification” to service at the local Boys & Girls Club and the Fresno Rescue Mission.

Jeff Wallace, one of the featured speakers and Student Leadership University executive director of the LIFT Tour and Youth Pastor Summit, told the students, “Jesus is greater because He gave His life so that we could have life.

“Jesus is greater than anything you can ever think or imagine,” he declared. “Why? Because He gave all He had — He gave His life on the cross; He died so that you could live. And that, my friends, is what makes Him greater.”

“Mike,” a native of Afghanistan (named changed for security), shared with the students and leaders the story of his conversion to Christ and subsequent arrest. He since has moved to the United States and started a church in Northern California.

“Jesus changed my life,” he told the group, noting that he began sharing his new faith via social media while still in Afghanistan, with 40 people making professions of faith in Christ as a result.

Mike was eventually arrested and tortured for his faith, but said when he’s asked why he continues to share Christ he answers, “I heard from Jesus peace and love. He is my Lord. He first loved me; I must love Him too.”

Megan Fate Marshman assured the group of some 700 students and leaders that “God’s love satisfies.”

“He fills you with His identity” unlike the fleeting satisfaction the world offers, she said, encouraging the students that “His identity must be greater.”

Jesus lived out His purpose and He knew His identity, Marshman said.

“He fills us so we overflow.”

Marshman encouraged the students not to miss out on “living for Jesus as you’re living for Jesus.”

“Don’t ever claim that God doesn’t speak if your Bible isn’t open,” she warned. “If you listen, you can learn how to love.

“God will not be part of your life — He wants to be the whole thing! His identity shouldn’t be greater, but He should be the whole thing!”

Just as Jesus knew His identity, He also knows His children, Shawn Beaty said. He referenced Exodus 3 in which Moses had to flee Egypt after killing an Egyptian, and begin life as a shepherd in a strange country.

“Then out of nowhere, God comes calling,” Beaty said. “For some of you, God comes knocking when you least expect it.

“God knew you before you were born … and He was crazy about you. I believe God knew your name, and there’s a point in your life when He’ll call you to Him.

“God has a plan,” Beaty declared. “He has a destiny for you! Some of you might need to surrender tonight.”

Ignition 2019 gave an offering of $2,614, which will be used for the California Mission Offering, to support ministry and mission work across the state.