GuideStone waives telemedicine co-pays for 90 days – California Southern Baptist Convention

GuideStone waives telemedicine co-pays for 90 days

Published Mar 19, 2020

DALLAS (BP) — Telemedicine has proven to be an effective way to seek medical attention during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. In response, GuideStone participants in a U.S.-based Highmark BCBS health plan — including Comprehensive, SecureHealth and HSA-qualified High Deductible Health Plans — can access Teladoc at no co-pay through June 14, 2020.

SecureHealth and all other comprehensive health plan participants are always able to access Teladoc with no co-pay.

This waiver for other health plans remains in effect for 90 days from March 14 and is only available to participants located within the United States and on a Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield plan. GuideStone health plan participants internationally on Cigna Global have access to telehealth services through the Cigna WellBeing app — the standard telemedicine service available through Cigna at no co-pay.

“We are pleased to be able to offer this benefit to all of the pastors, church staff, their families and others through our health plans,” GuideStone President O.S. Hawkins said. “The safest place to be when you’re sick is in your home. Telemedicine provides access to board-certified doctors who can ensure you get the care you need without overwhelming urgent care and emergency departments.”

GuideStone health plan participants can register for Teladoc at

GuideStone is encouraging all of its participants to register for Teladoc right away. Participants will be required to answer a few medical questions and provide account information. Having the registration information completed will speed up access time in the event that they do need to use the service.

For more information on COVID-19 and Teladoc resources, visit