Gateway Seminary Coronavirus update – California Southern Baptist Convention

Gateway Seminary Coronavirus update

Published Mar 13, 2020

We continue to monitor the Coronavirus situation and would like to communicate some new information to you regarding seminary operations from today through March 29, 2020.

In considering our seminary calendar, we currently have classes scheduled next week followed by spring break. Therefore, the following guidelines are in place through March 29, 2020. We will then reevaluate our procedures and announce a plan for the rest of the semester based on circumstances as they develop.

  • First, we are concerned for family members of our students and employees who may be impacted. Pray for them and be sensitive to them as they handle these issues.
  • Second, if you have respiratory-ailment symptoms, stay home. Get medical care. Take reasonable precautions to limit contact with others. We will accommodate students and employees who take any necessary precautions to care for their health.
  • Third, from March 16 through March 29, 2020 we will deliver all face-to-face classes by video access, through alternative assignments by the professor, or class sessions may be canceled by the professor. There will be no face-to-face class meetings during this time. Online classes will continue as planned.
  • Fourth, all seminary employees should continue to report to work. Requests to work remotely may be approved, as necessary, by your supervising vice-president.
  • Fifth, all other seminary-related events are cancelled through March 29, 2020 – apart from classes as described above.
  • Sixth, all non-essential seminary-related travel is cancelled through March 29, 2020 – exceptions must be approved by your supervising vice-president.
  • Finally, student housing is unaffected – no policy changes at this time.

We will continue to monitor circumstances as they develop and announce plans for the rest of the semester by the time we return from spring break.