CSBC Migrant Ministries Celebrates 75 Decisions for Christ in the First Quarter of 2022 – California Southern Baptist Convention

CSBC Migrant Ministries Celebrates 75 Decisions for Christ in the First Quarter of 2022

Published Mar 29, 2022

In honor of the legacy of Cesar Chavez’s contributions in the areas of civil rights and farm labor legislation, we want to celebrate the Kingdom work in God’s fields, through migrant ministries among California Southern Baptists.
In the first three months of 2022, 75 decisions for Christ were reported by Feeding Those Who Feed Us, Migrant Ministries of the CSBC Missions Initiatives Team. Those decisions were the result of 150 volunteers from 15 churches. God’s fields are fertile with the gospel as the Hispanic population continues to grow nationwide. These statistics mean even more considering the Central Valley is the agricultural epicenter of California. 

In the past three months, MIT has carried out 25 projects for migrant communities and distributed 236 bags of groceries. While fostering relationships with local churches and pastors, Migrant Ministries has received approval to work with 12 of the 25 state-owned migrant centers. Oscar Sanchez, director of migrant ministries, said, “More Hispanic churches are also demonstrating a desire to participate in FTWFU projects. This will provide support for all the projects, especially with the follow-up and discipleship after the projects are completed.” 

Sanchez is partnering with Ross Shepard (CSBC Church Planting Team Leader) in starting new Hispanic congregations from the state-owned centers. Sanchez is excited for this upcoming summer as 12 experienced coordinators, to help organize and be a resource for the development of these churches.
“We are maintaining a positive outlook for the FTWFU ministry in the months to come and we are expecting to see a great harvest of souls,” Sanchez said.

With more evangelistic projects in the works, Sanchez is working with more and more churches to lead ministry in the orchards to farm-workers and their communities. More are needed and MIT asks for individuals and churches to saturate the 2022 FTWFU projects with prayer.