CSBC Executive Board hears Focus 21 implementation update – California Southern Baptist Convention

CSBC Executive Board hears Focus 21 implementation update

Published Jun 01, 2012

FRESNO – California Southern Baptist Convention Executive Board members received an update concerning the progress of implementing Focus 21 Task Force recommendations during their spring meeting May 10-11.

In January the Board’s executive committee was given the task of serving as the study group for the Focus 21 report and tasked to “bring its findings and recommendations to the full Board for approval and presentation to messengers at the CSBC annual meeting in 2012 and future annual meetings as needed.”

In reporting to the Board, Don Fugate, chairman and pastor of Foxworthy Baptist Church in San Jose, reported the committee currently is moving forward on four of the seven recommendations. They include clarifying cooperating CSBC churches; enlarging California’s influence through the trustee nomination process for California Baptist Foundation and California Baptist University; communicating more effectively through digital media with less dependence on print; and planning for the future relating to the search process for an executive director.

Fugate noted the executive committee referred the communications recommendation to the Board’s communications committee, which reported it would appoint a subcommittee to work on recommendations for implementation.

The executive committee will meet during the summer, he said, to continue working on the recommendations to present at the annual meeting, to be held at Clovis Hills Community Church in Clovis Oct. 23-24.

A survey has been developed to “solicit input” in order to “gain insight and perspective” from California Southern Baptists throughout the state, Fugate noted.

“This will give us a better handle on how California Southern Baptists at large feel about the recommendations and how to move forward to reach California for Christ and fulfill the Great Commission.”

He added the survey was designed and is being executed independently of the Convention.

Not being considered at this time are recommendations related to prioritizing church planting so more CSBC Cooperative Program dollars are spent directly on church planters and their ministries; prioritizing global responsibilities with the goal of a 50/50 split of Cooperative Program funds between CSBC and the SBC; and reducing denominational overlap by re-visioning the roles of associations and the Convention.

Two recommendations that have monetary implications are not being addressed at this time, Fugate said, primarily because of the financial impact on CSBC with new strategies being implemented by the North American Mission Board, which aren’t completely known at this point.

Since both recommendations deal with the “reallocation of Cooperative Program dollars,” Fugate said, the executive committee thought it best to delay action until “we know how NAMB’s actions will impact resources of the Convention.”