College of Behavioral and Social Science revamps concentration offerings

Published Aug 28, 2017

Riverside, Calif. — The College of Behavioral and Social Sciences at California Baptist University will offer six undergraduate concentrations, starting in the fall semester, that will help students explore the diverse behavioral and social sciences field.

The college will offer concentrations in forensic psychology, industrial-organizational psychology, medical anthropology, lifespan development, social work and sports psychology.

“These concentrations will have an exploration aspect for a student’s academic career and will also allow students to explore new aspects of the behavioral and social sciences,” said Dr. Veola Vazquez, associate dean for undergraduate programs.

Vazquez said the college offered several certificate programs in the past. However, the college decided to eliminate the certifications and revamp the undergraduate concentrations, therefore allowing students to declare a concentration that is focused.

Vazquez said that a declared concentration would also benefit students with their post-graduate pursuits.

“These concentrations were developed with the student’s career and educational goals in mind,” Vazquez said. “The students completed concentration will go on a student’s transcripts, which will help employers or graduate school admission counselors identify specific courses student completed.”

Declaring a concentration will not affect a student’s graduation date, Vazquez indicated. Each concentration includes four courses (some may require additional prerequisites), which would otherwise be taken as general education, Vazquez added.

In four out of the six concentrations, students can pursue a master’s in a related field at CBU. The College of Behavioral and Social Sciences is offering master’s programs, for the first time this fall, in industrial-organizational psychology and social work. Next fall the college will launch a sports and performance psychology master’s program. The college already offers a master’s in forensic psychology. In total this fall semester, the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences will have five majors with six concentrations, five minors and five graduate programs.

For more information on the concentration options within the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences please contact 951-343-4676.