A Joint Statement from California Leaders in Response to the SBC Sexual Abuse Task Force Report – California Southern Baptist Convention

A Joint Statement from California Leaders in Response to the SBC Sexual Abuse Task Force Report

Published May 24, 2022

Dear CSBC family, 

At the 2021 annual meeting in Nashville, Tennessee, our extended Southern Baptist family addressed concerns regarding the handling of sexual abuse claims by the Executive Committee and as a result, there was a demand. The demand, from messengers representing our churches, was for transparency and honesty relating to the hurt and pain exposed.  

The heartbreaking 288-page report from Guidepost Solutions was made public on Sunday, May 22, disclosing the actions of the Executive Committee of the national Southern Baptist Convention. The abuse brought to light in the report is a cause for us to grieve for those children, women, and men who have suffered sexual abuse. We are saddened by the pain these individuals have experienced. We are disturbed by the manipulation revealed in the report. We take these horrific offenses seriously.  

We commit to pray for the sexual abuse task force as they have an important responsibility in responding to the report and bringing necessary recommendations.

Together we mourn with the victims and intercede on their behalf. We ask God for His will to be done. And we pray for wisdom as we move forward continuing to do the work of the kingdom. 

Pete Ramirez, Executive Director, California Southern Baptist Convention

Victor Chayasirisobhon, President CSBC, Director of Missions, Orange County

Daniel Cassels, Executive Board Chairman, California Southern Baptist Convention

John Bohrer, DOM Fellowship President/Director of Missions, Shasta Baptist Association

Nestor Amaya, Director of Missions, Sequoia Baptist Association

Jay Ballard, Director of Missions, Feather River Baptist Association

Randy Bennett, Director of Missions, Kern County Association

Scott Bird, DOM, Central Valley Baptist Association

Mike Carlisle, Director of Missions, San Diego Southern Baptist Association

Christopher Codrington, Director of Missions, LAX Urban Center

Gil De La Rosa, Director of Missions, Gold Coast Baptist Association

GG Ferraren, Director of Missions, Los Angeles Baptist Association

Mark Gayden, Director of Missions, Long Beach Harbor Southern Baptist Association

Gregory Homes, Director of Missions, Mendo-Lake Baptist Association

Daryl Lackey, Director of Missions, Inland Empire Southern Baptist Association

Bob Lawler, Director of Missions, Redwood Empire Baptist Association

Richard Moore, Moderator, Trinity Baptist Association

Ken Patton, Director of Missions, CostaMeda Baptist Association (Interim)

Dr. Ron Prosise, Director of Missions, Sacramento Baptist Network

Derk Schulze, Director of Missions, North Coast Baptist Association (Interim)

Charles Speelman, Director of Missions, High Desert Baptist Association

Michael Stewart, Director of Missions, Great Commission Association of Southern Baptist Churches

Port Wilburn, Director of Missions, Bridges Bay Area Association

Charles Woods, Director of Missions, Sierra Butte Baptist Association