Worship Workshop – Online (CSBC & CBU) – California Southern Baptist Convention

Worship Workshop – Online (CSBC & CBU)

February 6, 2021

The Worship Workshop Weekend online with California Baptist University will take the place of this year’s Church Music Workshops North & South which normally happens in January and February each year. 

The opportunity to gather online in Zoom rooms will allow our teachers to lead face-to-face learning with students and have real-time opportunities to ask and answer questions. Full registration is $10. Registration will be open until February 6th.

Tommy Walker will be joining us at our welcome session!

Featured Instructors and Class Titles:

“Vocals for Worship,” with Joseph Bolin, Dean, CBU School of Music.

“Working Well with Your Pastor and Teams,” with Roger Byrd, CSBC Church Revitalization Team.

“Why Won’t They Sing?” with ​David Toledo, Music Professor, CBU.

 “Worship Formation: Leading Worship that is Spiritually Forming,” with ​Steven Brooks, Gateway Seminary & Music Minister, Huntington Beach.

“The 3 R’s of Worship Leading and My Biggest Regrets,” and “Worship is Faith Expressed: Exploring 5 Great Themes of Worship,” with Rick Muchow, CBU Worship Interns.

“Worship During COVID-19 and Beyond,” with ​Kenny Lamm, NC Baptist Convention, Worship Leadership.

“Worship Leaders’ Disciplines 3 in 1” 敬拜領袖的操練三合一” and “Encounter and Lead Heavenly Worship” 經歷及帶領在地如在天的敬拜,” with Martin Chien, Gateway Seminary, Chinese Language Church Music.

​“Family Worship,” with Jon Bolin, Kingsland Baptist Church, Katy, TX.

“Who’s My Neighbor? A Guide for Racial Reconciliation through Worship,” with Hector Jimenez, Music Professor, CBU.

“Planning and Leading Worship,” with Brendan Prout, Music Pastor, Quest Church, SD.

“Working with Worship Bands,” and “Worship Bands II,” with Tom Brooks, Music Professor, CBU.

“Using Trax, Stems, and Ableton Live,” with Justin McWhorter, Media, Immanuel Church, Highland.

“Quality Broadcast Audio on a Church-Friendly Budget,” with Matthew McConnell, Technical Director, CBU.

“Planning Center Interactive Seminar,” with Peter Neumann, Creekside Church, Elk Grove.

“Starting and Expanding Your Phone Camera Livestream Experience with SwitcherStudio,” with Drew Maddox, Media, Woodward Park Baptist Church, Fresno.


Saturday morning – 9 am general session and classes to follow

Saturday series of classes: (Registration required)

9:00 am – Opening Session, Worship and Welcome with Tommy Walker

10:00 – Class 1

11:00 – Class 2

12 pm – Lunch Break with Fellowship Rooms.

20 min rooms: 12:00; 12:20; 12:40. Several Zoom rooms will be available.

1:00 – Class 3

2:00 – Class 4

3:00pm – Closing session

9:00 am - 3:45 pm


Online Workshop

For questions, please contact: Katheryn Vana | KVana@csbc.com