AB506 Zoom Webinar – California Southern Baptist Convention

AB506 Zoom Webinar

AB-506, which became effective on January 1, 2022, implemented a whole new compliance regime of Live Scan fingerprint requirements, training requirements, and also established a new baseline Standard of Care; to which all Youth Services Organizations; must adhere, which includes mandated reporting of known or suspected incidents of the broad category of Child Abuse & Neglect as well as Child Sexual Abuse.  

Broadly interpreted, Youth Services Organization refers to any activity in your church involving children under age 18 . . . from Sunday School and VBS, to community sports programs and AWANA, to summer camp and winter retreats, and everything in between.    

Churches which fail to adequately document their response to the new Standard of Care requirements risk losing their liability insurance coverage if they cannot demonstrate that they are actively mitigating the risk of Abuse and Neglect.  Failure to report known or suspected incidents of Abuse and Neglect can land a mandated reporter, such as your Pastor, Church Administrator, Children or Youth minister, or other supervisor of volunteers in jail.

Gregory Love, cofounder of MinistrySafe, will explain the various policies and procedures and the importance of properly modifying each according to your church’s unique needs. The MinistrySafe organization, (CSBC’s trusted partner in this endeavor) has all the necessary policies your church needs.

Gregory Love is the managing partner at the law firm of Love & Norris. He is the co-founder of MinistrySafe and Abuse Prevention Systems.

As an expert in legal standards of care related to child sexual abuse, he has consulted with the organizations such as U.S. Olympic Committee, U.S. Center for Safe Sport, Awana International, Trail Life USA, US Youth Soccer, North American Mission Board, and several faith-based organizations and denominations.

10:00 am


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