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Disaster Relief Ministries

Disaster Relief is one of the most popular and well-known ministries offered by the California Southern Baptist Convention, providing Christian love in action by meeting urgent needs of hurting humanity in crisis.

Whether serving a hot meal from our mass feeding unit, clearing a home-site with our cleanup & recovery – after a wildfire or clearing mud from a home after a flood – and most importantly, providing spiritual care and emotional support to disaster survivors, California Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Ministries (CSBDRM) meets those needs with loving care in a timely manner. CSBDRM has more than 1,500 active, trained volunteers and a fleet of equipment ready for deployment at any moment.

Disaster Relief Events & Training

Each year CSBC offers several events to train Disaster Relief volunteers in a number of specialties. Check our page regularly for a list or click the links on the right for information or to learn more about becoming a trained volunteer.  

There aren’t any events scheduled right now, but please check back soon!


Chaplain Requalification Requirements

Community Disaster Ministry

Church Disaster Preparedness

Additional Online Chaplain Training Opportunities

The following opportunities for advanced chaplain training are offered by K-LOVE and taught by Naomi Paget, CSBC chaplain instructor.

March 7-8CISM Suicide Prevention, Intervention & PostventionWalnut CreekKLOVE Crisisresponse.org
March 9-10CISM Advanced Group*Walnut CreekKLOVE crisisresponse.org
May 23-24CISM Suicide Prevention, Intervention & PostventionVacavilleKLOVE crisisresponse.org
May 25-26CISM Strategic Response *VacavilleKLOVE crisisresponse.org
July 11-12CISM Suicide Prevention, Intervention & PostventionRenoKLOVE crisisresponse.org
July 13-14CISM Advanced Group*RenoKLOVE crisisresponse.org
July 18Supporting Children during DisastersOnlineKLOVE crisisresponse.org
July 25-26Effective Communication – Active Listening & Appropriate RespondingOnlineKLOVE crisisresponse.org
August 9OSFA – meets DR requirement for ChaplainsOnlineKLOVE crisisresponse.org
August 29Moral InjuryOnlineKLOVE crisisresponse.org
September 26Crisis Care in Traumatic GriefOnlineKLOVE crisisresponse.org
September 27Enhancing Resilience -Spiritual ResilienceOnlineKLOVE crisisresponse.org
 *CISM Group Crisis Intervention or GRIN is a pre-requisite – no exceptions  

Please email a certificate of completion to ljohnson@csbc.com. Crisis Care Response does not notify CSBCDR of a list of participants that completed classes.”

Disaster Relief Deployment

Questions about an active deployment? Please e-mail DeployDR@csbc.com

Disaster Relief Contributions

Disaster Relief contributions help meet the needs of people who are in a disaster situation. Gifts are used to underwrite California Southern Baptist Convention’s response to natural disasters (hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, etc.) that occur in California, nearby states or mission partnership countries. These response services include the preparation of hot meals for disaster victims who are without basic utility services, cleanup of homes, recovery assistance to victims without insurance resources, and transportation for volunteers to affected areas. Your contribution may be used for any current or future disaster response effort.

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