The Cooperative Program – California Southern Baptist Convention

The Cooperative Program

How the Cooperative Program Works

Discover how the Cooperative Program works by taking your gifts to reach people for Jesus in California, across North America and throughout the world.

Your Church

Each year, your church prayerfully decides how much of its undesignated gifts will be sent to California Southern Baptist Convention for the Cooperative Program. With more than 2,200 California Baptist churches, CP helps expand your church’s mission efforts to the entire world.

State Convention

California Southern Baptist Convention decides what percentage of CP gifts will be designated for ministries reaching California for Christ. CP gifts that remain in California are used for beginning new congregations, evangelizing the lost, strengthening churches and their leaders, mission education, disaster relief, Christian education at California Baptist University and so much more.

Your World

CSBC sends remaining CP gifts to the Southern Baptist Convention for world mission causes. Most of these gifts fund the strategies of the International and North American Mission Boards, including deployment and support for nearly 9,000 missionaries. Six SBC seminaries (including Gateway Seminary in Southern California) and the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission also are supported through the Cooperative Program.