California Mission Offering – California Southern Baptist Convention

California Mission Offering

This year’s theme, “Reach California,” will feature beautiful photos and video captures of our state. We encourage you to share these images and videos on social media, as well as order some beautiful postcards to send to your faithful members. The message this year is a very personal one. We’ve already seen so many of you give to the CMO financially and dedicate yourselves to prayer. We are grateful, we truly are better together.

Like many of you, as the pandemic continues to impact how we gather in California, we’ve been making the necessary adjustments to communicate the heart of the California Mission Offering through digital channels and provide churches with the resources to do the same. It is our joy to see so many of our churches rise to the occasion and continue ministry throughout these challenging times. We are experiencing many of the same challenges and are working tirelessly to support your ministries.

You will find all of the materials and assets for your use ready for download on this page, including our planning guide to help you know how to participate with your church. Materials are pIf you would like to order your print materials ready made, you can do that here.

Would you prayerfully consider giving to the California Mission Offering this year?