CMO 2023 – California Southern Baptist Convention

CMO 2023

Thank you for your interest in supporting California missions through the California Mission Offering. CMO is the primary funding source for kingdom work across our state. When your church supports CMO, you, along with hundreds of other churches across California, are able to do far more than what one church can do alone. Your contribution to CMO gives food and clothing to migrant workers who take the Gospel back to their homeland. You help hold up pastors in need of support and resources to maintain healthy families and healthy congregations. You help churches host evangelistic events some could only dream of, if not for the grants provided by CMO; and so much more.

Through the links below, you will find plenty of resources to help you develop a campaign that will work best in the context of your church. There are videos of various lengths highlighting the work across our diverse state supported by CMO funds. There are posters in a variety of languages as well as bulletin inserts in Chinese (simplified and traditional), English, Korean, and Spanish.

This year, we are pleased to (re)introduce a family style curriculum that can be modified to a variety of age groups that teaches and encourages faithfully supporting the spread of the Gospel through the California Mission Offering.

All materials can be downloaded for immediate use. However, CSBC will have printed material available for our churches for as long as supplies last. Be sure to click the links below and download or order what will work best for you!