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Church Revitalization Initiative

The goal of the Church Revitalization Team is to assist you, the pastor, in tipping the church attendance scale from decline to growth through a process called Count the Cost. Over the past decade, the church in North America, both mega and super small, has been facing a new kind of pandemic. As many as 85% of all churches in North America have been in a slow and steady decline.

Ralph Neighbour, our Church Revitalization Team leader hosted Charlie Cutler, President of ChurchWest Insurance Services on June 10, 2021 to discuss the updated legal issues churches need to know. Watch the replay below! Reference the presentation slide deck:

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June 10, 2021

Looking for risk management or legal assistance?  The California Southern Baptist Convention, through ChurchWest Insurance Services, is offering complimentary legal assistance on issues that you face in ministry. Need your employee handbook reviewed? Upload it here and have it reviewed. Launching a new ministry? Tell us what you are doing and have an attorney provide you…

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June 9, 2021

The church cannot experience renewal or revitalization without an active prayer culture which is alive and connected to the power of Christ and His work. It begins with the pastor-leaders and moves through the congregation setting ablaze the hearts desiring to be used of God to bring revitalization to His church. It is the work…

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May 20, 2021

A Count the Cost story at Heartwood Church with Pastor Andy Springer.

Count the Cost Testimonials

“Count the Cost helps me keep focused on the main thing. God’s glory and the advance of His kingdom. It helps me to explore new ideas. I hear what God is doing in other churches and ask “God, should we try that here?” Lastly, it helps me to stay encouraged. In the crazy Covid world we now live in, we all need the encouragement of our brothers.”

Richard Spring, FBC Hesperia

“The Pastor, Leadership, and Members of Gardena-Torrance Baptist Church would like to thank the CSBC Ministry Assistant/Church Revitalization Initiatives Team for your years of support on all our ministry projects, as a result of your financial support we were able to do great ministry. Resulting in ministry growth in membership, and baptism, before the COVID19 the church was running in excess of seventy-five in attendance up from sixty, in 2019 we baptized seven new members. In the new norm of COVID19, we are continuing to provide ministry support in the community in the area of groceries, paying the occasional gas and power bills, and helping some in the community with gift cards. You’ve also helped reach upward of 250 people every Sunday. Thanks again without your support some of these ministries will not be possible, continue to pray for us as we continue to pray for you.”

Rev. Christopher Codrington, Gardena-Torrance Baptist Church

Count the Cost coaches and cohorts do not just provide extremely helpful and useful advice. Each time I leave one of these meetings I am encouraged and have a plan forward for the ministry God has given me. “Without counsel plans fail, but with many advisers they succeed.”

Pastor Kendrick Neal, Calvary Church West Hills

Count the Cost is a tool and a process that begins with a simple assessment and leads to a five year tailored plan developed by the pastor for his church. The process begins with a monthly thirty minute consultation with one of our trained consultants. Our goal is to keep the church moving in a positive direction, navigating the bumps in the road, and celebrating the successes. Count the Cost is provided without charge to participating CSBC congregations.

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