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Church Matters provides tools, resources, and workshops to help churches stay healthy. We focus on four vital areas of church health: SBC partnerships, legal matters, church ministries, and legacy opportunities. This includes revitalization tools and resources, preaching and worship workshops, coaching and counseling, and help with matters like bylaws, insurance, and legacy plans.

A Partnership Helping Churches

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Church Revitalization

The goal of the Church Revitalization Team is to assist you, the pastor, in tipping the church attendance scale from decline to growth through a process called Count the Cost. Over the past decade, the church in North America, both mega and super small, has been facing a new kind of pandemic. As many as 85% of all churches in North America have been in a slow and steady decline.

Count the Cost

Count the Cost is our most successful program for pastor development. Through regular meetings with a coach, you will be encouraged and mentored. Your coach will help you to develop and implement a five-year strategy to increase the overall health of your church.

No Matter How Your Church Is Doing

Every church goes through various life cycles. Churches contact our team when they want to join the SBC. Growing churches ask us for help in writing compliance policies and obtaining adequate insurance. Plateaued and declining churches contact our team for help in revitalization efforts. Older churches utilize our team to help prepare legacy plans for their property and assets.

Benefits of Working with the Church Matters Team


Immediately partner with men and women with years of experience in SBC work in California.


Tap into the available tools and resources paid for through CP and CMO gifts.


The CSBC teams will help you gain new ministry momentum and you'll start to see results quickly.

Huntington Beach Church

Huntington Beach Church was in decline and in financial trouble when the new pastor reached out to Church Matters. Our team came alongside the pastor and provided tools and resources in all the vital areas the church needed in order to revitalize. Month after month, the situation improved. The church is now a vibrant campus filled with multiple successful ministries, making disciples, developing leaders, and planting churches.

Building Grants

The aesthetic appeal and upkeep of a church building serve as a visible witness to the local community, essentially declaring, "You're welcome here; this is a sanctuary of love and care." In line with this, our Church Matters initiative has been blessed with funds contributed by Southern Baptists over time, specifically allocated to assist CSBC churches in need of building repairs. However, it's important to note that these funds are diminishing. As it stands, the average financial aid available is about $500. So you can request a grant or give a donation!

The Church Matters Toolbox

InSight Demographics

MissionInsite is a demographics program that provides churches with instant access to community information. You’ll get demographic data for a variety of strategic categories. Discovering your church’s ministry opportunities has never been easier.

Church HR & Bylaws

Church Matters has a team of experienced consultants who can help your local church have updated and effective bylaws. Also, Church Matters can provide you with resources and networks to help your local church with all of your urgent and complex HR needs.

Trusted Insurance Agents

Is your church insurance policy up to date and adequate? Insurance has never been more important in today's litigious society. We have a list of trusted insurance agents that we have vetted that will help you to get the coverage you need.

Ministry Specialists

Sometimes what your church needs is a specialist to come in and help with a specific ministry. We have excellent, caring people who would love to be of service. Women's ministry and worship are two of our most requested ministries, but we have others available too!

More Testimonials

Richard Spring
Count the Cost helps me keep focused on the main thing. God’s glory and the advance of His kingdom.
Richard Spring
FBC Hesperia
Chris Codrington
As a result of your financial support we were able to do great ministry. Resulting in ministry growth in membership, and baptism.
Rev. Christopher Codrington
Gardena-Torrance Baptist Church
Kendrick Neal
Each time I leave a meeting I am encouraged and have a plan forward for the ministry God has given me.
Kendrick Neal
Church West Hills
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