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“We have high schools around where, within the last year, students have been arrested for trafficking other students through the school,” Denise Matthews, the women’s minister at Magnolia Church in Riverside, said. “Seeing that it is happening here really put a fire under me that we need to do more about this.”

As part of myMISSION’s second national missions experience, 32 young women from 10 states gathered on Memorial Day weekend to share their faith alongside Baptist workers in the inner city of New York, and build community with one another. Six volunteers from St. Stephen Missionary Baptist Church in La Puente joined others from Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Tennessee.

It’s called bivocational, a word spell-check may not recognize but a concept that is as old as the church herself.

First Southern Baptist Church in Shafter — the oldest congregation in California Southern Baptist Convention — refuses to become obsolete in their community’s changing social climate.

California Southern Baptist Convention accounted for more than 10 percent of Southern Baptists’ new church starts and affiliates in 2014, according to a report from the North American Mission Board. In mid-March, NAMB reported 1,193 new congregations were added to the Southern Baptist Convention in 2014. During that same time CSBC reported 122 new starts and affiliated congregations, for 10.2 percent of the NAMB total.

“It’s a dark, dark place that’s hated by most people, even Christians,” Glover said. “People there are pedophiles and rapists. They’re considered worse than murderers.” Many of the facility’s residents previously served time in prison before being transferred to the mental hospital. All the residents have been convicted of sexual criminal acts and have a history of sexually deviant behavior.

Earl Bigelow and his wife Ruby, have made a ministry in the ninth decade of their lives of providing fish-fry events at least four times a year in Tijuana, and one or two more times a year in Metro San Diego.

By nearly every demographic metric imaginable, metro L.A. is a behemoth – large, diverse and nearly overwhelming as a church planting destination. Only 8.3 percent of the population claims affiliation with an evangelical church with only one Southern Baptist church for every 18,794 people.

With average attendance of 55, including children, members of VIBC put together 722 shoeboxes full of love and Christmas gifts for children around the world.

Since Christ walked the Earth more than 2,000 years ago the physical evidence Christians have today to prove Christ was real, His resurrection occurred and He is the only way to Heaven are similar to the lack of evidence a detective may have in a cold-case.