California Southern Baptist Convention

California Southern Baptist Convention

Empowering the vision of churches


Partnering with churches to discover, develop, and deploy church planters to reach California for Christ.


Preparing churches to be on mission beyond the walls of their buildings.


Leading churches through the complexities of church life and ministry.


Resourcing churches to be on mission cross-culturally.

CSBC Migrant Ministries celebrates 75 decisions for Christ in the first quarter of 2022 In honor of the legacy of Cesar Chavez’s contributions in the areas of civil rights and farm labor legislation, we want to celebrate the Kingdom work in God’s fields, through migrant ministries among California Southern Baptists.In the first three months of…

Max Herr, Our HR and Church Compliance Ministry Specialist, hosted a conversation with the guys at Church Growth Services on Stewardship in the 21st Century. Stewardship is the stabilizer of the church. Without stable General Fund giving, a church will fail. Without adequate General Fund revenue, a church will not be able to pay its…