Submit a Resolution – California Southern Baptist Convention

Resolutions for the California Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting must be submitted in advance to be considered, according to procedures from the CSBC Committee on Resolutions and Credentials. Resolutions will not be accepted on site; they must be submitted via:

Marc Tempesta
678 E Shaw Ave
Fresno CA 93710-7704

Submission Deadline: October 15, 2021

Members of cooperating CSBC churches should be aware of the following requirements:

  1. All resolutions must be typewritten, titled and dated.
  2. Only registered messengers who are members in good standing of churches entitled to send messengers to the annual meeting may submit resolutions. The Committee on resolutions, credentials and membership will verify that all who have submitted them are registered messengers before presenting the resolution.
  3. If submitting resolutions by the postal service or e-mail, the following must be included: name, mailing address, phone number and e-mail address (if applicable) of the person submitting the resolution; name, mailing address and phone number of the church the person will represent as a messenger.
  4. No person may submit more than three resolutions.

The Committee on Resolutions and Credentials has the authority to reject, combine, title or retitle, or reword submitted resolutions, or submit resolutions entirely of its own making. The committee may decline to recommend properly submitted resolutions to the Convention for adoption.

How to Structure a Resolution

Resolutions should:

  • Have a clear and concise title
  • Address only one issue
  • Present a position on that issue
  • Identify and explain the issue and propose a solution to address the problem or concern

A resolution cannot direct CSBC or an individual to take any action.

Resolutions are intended to inform and educate constituents to take some action. An effective resolution will identify and explain the problem or concern and propose a solution to address the stated problem or concern. A resolution cannot direct California Southern Baptist Convention or an individual to take any action.

The first part of a resolution addresses, identifies or states the problem or concern with facts. Opinions should not be expressed in this portion of the resolution. Each of the facts are best listed as separate sentence or paragraph that begins with WHEREAS, and is followed by a semi-colon followed by “and”. The final WHEREAS ends with a semi-colon followed by “therefore be it”.

The RESOLVED section states the proposed action to address the problem that has been identified. This is the section where the author of the resolution expresses his opinion. If more than one solution or action, each should be listed as a separate sentence or paragraph that beings with the word “RESOLVED”. If the resolution contains multiple “RESOLVED” statements, each sentence or paragraph is followed by a semi-colon and the phrase “and be it further,” except for the last one that should have the semi-colon and the phrase “and be it finally”.

In summary, writing a resolution consists of two parts:

  • the reasons for the resolution, preceded by “WHEREAS” statements, and
  • the resolution itself preceded by be it RESOLVED (in case of more than one “RESOLVED,” be it further RESOLVED, and in case of more than two “RESOLVED,” be it finally RESOLVED)

Example of a Formal Resolution Format

Affirming and Encouraging Church Planting in California.

WHEREAS, The California Southern Baptist Convention has been awarded an honor from the North American Mission Board as the Western States leader in Church Planting; and

WHEREAS, The California Southern Baptist Convention is made up of many ethnic, language and culturally diverse groups; and

WHEREAS, These new churches were started by California Southern Baptist Convention churches of different language and culture groups; and

WHEREAS, All churches participating in the Cooperative Program are partners in the church starting efforts of the California Southern Baptist Convention; now, therefore be it

RESOLVED, That we will continue to make church planting a priority in California; and be it further

RESOLVED, That this 2006 meeting of the California Southern Baptist Convention encourages its member churches to continue to partner in beginning new congregations.